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Anonymous asked:
do you ever get upset seeing screenshots of your text posts being shared among other social media?


Well I used to get really bothered when I ran my other blog because people were unceremoniously stealing my work and posting it as their own.  Plagiarizing or even taking screenshots and reposting them all seem really lazy to me.  If you can’t think of your own material that’s fine but don’t try to compensate by taking someone else’s without their permission. 

If it’s a screenshot of the whole post and my url’s in it that’s better because I get a little bit of recognition, but I’d still rather have whoever runs these accounts ask if I was okay with them copying and pasting my work.  I will never understand why these half a million people who like “Best of Tumblr” pages on facebook don’t just follow humor accounts on tumblr because they’ll get the exact same experience except sooner.  It’s strange and I don’t like it.